No other part of the body, except the brain and spinal cord, contains as many crucial nerves as the pelvic region.

Marc Possover
Founder of Neuropelveology

What is Neuropelvology?

Neuropelveology is a relatively new discipline founded by Dr. Marc Possover that focuses on the somatic and visceral innervation of the pelvis and the effects resulting from injury. This field plays a crucial role in understanding conditions like endometriosis and pelvic and sexual health issues.

The Role of Pelvic Nerves in Sexual and Pelvic Health

The nerves of the pelvis are vital for controlling various functions, including sexual, urinary, digestive, motion, and sensation. Injuries to these nerves can lead to a range of problems, such as:

Bowel/Bladder Dysfunction

  • Incontinence
  • Spasm
  • Retention
  • Sexual Disorders in Women
  • Neuropathic Pelvic Pain:
    • Genital
    • Groin
    • Pudendal
    • Bowel
    • Bladder

The true number of patients suffering from pelvic nerve dysfunction is unknown but almost assuredly underestimated. Symptoms of pelvic nerve dysfunction often correlate with specific nerve injuries, affecting both pelvic and sexual health.

Symptoms and Pain Correlation

Pelvic pain is usually the presenting symptom of nerve-related issues in the pelvis. When caused by nerve irritation or compression, the pain often has a predictable distribution or pattern:

  • Visceral Pain:
    Nerve fibers in the pelvic organs and supporting tissues transmit vague and difficult-to-localize pain signals. This type of pain may be accompanied by visceral symptoms like nausea, fatigue, irritability, bloating, and dyspepsia.

  • Somatic Pain:
    Nerve fibers that transmit movement and sensation signals relay pain signals that are more specific and reproducible. Somatic pain can be described as a burn, electric shock, or sting.

Neuropelveology in Endometriosis Excision Surgery

Understanding neuropelveology gives pelvic surgeons a comprehensive understanding of pelvic nerve anatomy and the symptoms that arise from nerve irritation or compression. This knowledge directs the surgeon’s excision efforts during endometriosis surgery.

A physician with specialized training in neuropelveology understands how the visceral and somatic nerves convey information to the spinal cord, the brain, and each other. With this understanding, an appropriate care plan can be developed to relieve pain and restore proper function, enhancing both pelvic and sexual health.

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