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Robotic surgery (robot-assisted surgery) allows surgeons like Dr. Lucas to perform complex procedures with improved precision, flexibility, and control compared to conventional techniques. With over 400 robotic surgeries as the primary surgeon, Dr. Lucas brings unparalleled expertise to the operating table. His role as a Proctor for Intuitive and his ABOG MIGS Certification further underscore his proficiency in this advanced surgical approach.

Surgeons who use the robotic system, like Dr. Lucas, find that it enhances precision, flexibility, and control during many procedures. The robotic approach allows them to better see the operative tissues compared to traditional techniques. Using robotic surgery, Dr. Lucas can perform delicate and complex procedures that may be difficult or even impossible with other methods.

Dr. Lucas Robotic Surgery

Potential Benefits of Robotic Surgery with Dr. Lucas:

    • Enhanced Visualization: High-definition, 3D magnified view offers surgeons an unmatched view of the surgical area. The robotic arm can hold and maintain the camera still in space for a prolonged time, allowing for a steady view.
    • Superior Dexterity: Robotic arms, expertly maneuvered by Dr. Lucas, can rotate and move more flexibly than a human hand, ensuring precision.
    • Less Invasive: Smaller incisions mean fewer scars, less pain, and faster recovery.
    • Enhanced Precision: Robotic assistance ensures high accuracy and complete resection, a hallmark of Dr. Lucas’s surgical technique.
    • Minimized Scarring: Less invasive than traditional surgery, with a focus on aesthetic outcomes.
    • Reduced Recovery Time: Get back to your work/life routine faster under Dr. Lucas’s care.
    • Same-day discharge: Most patients do not require overnight hospitalization.
    • Increased Access: Robotic surgery allows for exploring and treating anatomical sites that may not be accessible with traditional surgery.
    • Tissue Preservation: Ideal for women looking to maintain or improve fertility, a key consideration in Dr. Lucas’s surgical planning.
    • Less Pain & Quicker Recovery: Expertise and experience in minimally invasive removal of fibroids result in short or no hospital stay and minimal discomfort post-surgery.

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