Healing Hands: The Power of Pelvic Floor Manual Therapy

Chronic Pelvic Pain: Form and Function

Patients experiencing chronic discomfort or dysfunction in the pelvis often overlook an effective solution: Pelvic Floor Manual Therapy. Pelvic tissue distortions contribute to the pelvic floor dysfunction and pain, leading to subsequent dysfunction of the pelvic organs. These therapies can benefit those struggling with incontinence, spasm, or pelvic pain.

Osteopathic and/or Chiropractic techniques, expertly applied by Dr. Lucas, a practitioner with both DO and DC degrees, can help alleviate the pain and discomfort associated with pelvic floor dysfunction. These manual therapies aim to rebalance the pelvis in terms of muscle and joint function. This is achieved using non-invasive techniques (external and/or internal) that do not cause significant pain.

A woman undergoing Pelvic Floor Manual Treatment.

Diagnosing and Treating the Pelvis with a Holistic Approach

At the New England Center for Pelvic Health, we diagnose and treat pelvic pain patients with a holistic view of the systems that reside and interact within the pelvis. Utilizing Osteopathic and Chiropractic techniques, we focus on the anatomical and physiologic connections from other structures in the body to the pelvis that impact the pelvic floor.

Dr. Lucas, with his extensive experience in private practice, specializes in diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal disorders in both men and women. He uses a wide spectrum of interventions ranging from natural supplements, spinal manipulation, pelvic manipulation, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, and soft tissue to restore and improve proper pelvic floor form and function.

How Manual Therapy Finds and Fixes Pelvic Pain/Dysfunction

Motion Palpation and Osteopathic Assessment: Finding Disruption and Dysfunction

The diagnosis of soft tissue aberration or joint motion restriction requires an experienced provider like Dr. Lucas, with a keen sense of touch and a comprehensive understanding of both Osteopathic and Chiropractic Manual Therapy. By reliably assessing the structures within the pelvis, he can identify tissues for repair and designate the appropriate technique for repairing them.

Joint Mobilization: Restoring Full Motion

Joint mobilization, a key component of Dr. Lucas’s treatment approach, is an articular manipulation technique used to improve or restore proper mobility of spinal and/or pelvic joints. It plays a vital role in pelvic floor manual therapy and can be highly effective in restoring flexibility and function. Specific areas of stiffness or restriction are identified and subsequently mobilized, enhancing the range of motion and dampening pain signals.

Myofascial Release (MFR): Restoring Elasticity

Myofascial release isMyofascial release is a hands-on pelvic floor manual therapy technique involving stretch and massage of connective tissue to reduce tension and improve flexibility. Dr. Lucas’s expertise in this technique realigns tissue fibers, promoting elasticity of the tissues and restoring proper mechanical movement, particularly beneficial for those suffering from chronic tension in the pelvis.

Post Facilitation Technique (Stretch): Freeing Tension

Structured stretch technique, a crucial part of Dr. Lucas’s therapeutic arsenal, is designed to release tension and improve mobility. These techniques, combined with patient education on incorporating them into daily routines, increase flexibility and restore balanced function of pelvic structures.

 *For those who have already had surgery, Osteopathic or Chiropractic Manual Manipulation can be useful for symptom relief and be combined with other modalities based on patient preference, tolerance and need.

**Patients get varying degrees of improvement from these modalities and routine re-assessment is necessary to adjust care plans.

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