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Dr. Romeo Augusto Lucas is a board certified gynecologist and founder of New England Center for Pelvic Health in Freeport, Maine. This center is the realization of his years-long vision for a clinic where women suffering from pelvic pain and endometriosis could have access to comprehensive evaluation, accurate diagnoses and thorough care, tailored to the patient’s experience and goals. This patient-specific approach incorporates a combination of hormonal, analgesic, neurologic, minimally invasive surgical and/or Osteopathic manual therapies to address pelvic pain. Contact us today to see if we can help you.

Fulcrum Family Health & New England Center for Pelvic Health


Minimally invasive surgeries performed using Robotic Laparoscopy result in less pain, rapid recovery, and the best chance for long-lasting results.

After 38+ years in practice, Dr. Martin Robbins retired at the end of 2022.
New England Center for Endometriosis will continue at New England Center for Pelvic Health under Dr. Romeo Lucas.
Morgan Records Management will be assuming custodianship of Dr. Robbins' patients’ records.  To access your patient records please click here
There is a nominal processing fee for all medical records requests regardless of who is requesting the records. If you have questions, contact or call 833-888-0061.

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