For Patients Traveling from out of State or the United States

New England Center for Pelvic Health welcomes international patients seeking expert care in endometriosis, pelvic & sexual health. Dr. Lucas is honored to participate in the care of ALL people and speaks Portuguese and Spanish fluently, and working on his proficiency in French (Merci de votre patience).

We are happy to accommodate visitors from all parts of the world. Our team will arrange every aspect of your visit, ensuring a seamless experience. Contact us for more information and options.

Starting the Process

Record Review: Non-refundable $200(US) – due prior to submission of records


  • Patients submit their appointment requests via the New England Center for Pelvic Health website
  • We will contact you to arrange for electronic delivery of digital forms
  • If you decide to proceed, we will need medical records forwarded to New England Center for Pelvic Health.
  • These may include but are not limited to:
  • Operative notes
    • Surgical photographs if done
    • Pathology reports
    • CT scan reports & discs with actual imaging
    • Ultrasound reports

Initial Consult

 Once appropriate medical records have been received & reviewed, a discussion can be scheduled. We will consider telehealth discovery call discussion versus in-person consultation depending on legal restrictions regarding medical licensing.  The discussion includes a review of available medical, surgical, obstetric & gynecologic records. The discussion also includes an explanation of our philosophy/services regarding the treatment of pelvic pain.  We may discuss medical and/or surgical options for intervention.   We may suggest any additional testing that might be recommended.  You are under no obligation to comply with any suggestions or recommendations. The discovery call may last from 30 to 60 minutes. Thereafter, it may be recommended that you follow up in person at our office for a more detailed evaluation. We are happy to deduct the record review fee from your initial patient visit cost.  Furthermore, we can assist with travel arrangements.

It should be noted that this discovery call is not be considered a medical evaluation and that it does not establish physician-patient relationship.

On may consider this encounter as a “Meet and Greet” to see if you would like to move forward in person, prior to arranging for travel and accommodations. 

Pre-operative Visit & Day of Surgery

If you decide to proceed with surgery an operative date which works well with your schedule will be chosen. Patients typically need to arrive in the area 1-2 days prior to their surgery date for a pre-operative visit which is scheduled at New England Center for Pelvic Health  in Freeport. At this visit, you will have a physical exam & the details of your procedure will be reviewed. You will be sent for lab work as needed & given instructions for a pre-operative bowel prep. You will also be provided with directions and specific details for the day of surgery. 

Patients report to the surgical facility the morning of surgery and most are discharged the day of surgery or the next morning. Patients who have bowel involvement and/or excision may be admitted to the hospital for 2-3 days. This way the entire process is completed in 1 trip. Postoperative patients are expected to stay in the area for at least a day after discharge to ensure you are stable & ready for travel.  Dr. Lucas is in contact with the patient while she is recovering from surgery.

Billing & Fees

The Hospital Facility Fee is the most costly part of surgical care. Hospital facility-related services include the operating room, recovery room, medical and surgical supplies, hospital-based nurse-anesthetists (they help the Anesthesiologist but are employed by the hospital), and laboratory testing. Patients from outside the USA generally do not have health insurance. For patients from outside the USA, we will have set up a plan for the Hospital Facility Fee, based on the length of the surgical procedure. 

This will cover everything from when you arrive at the hospital till when you leave the hospital. When surgery is scheduled, there are specific people you will be placed in contact with and they will help you through the process of the Facility Fee, Anesthesia and Pathology.

Your Trip To Maine & The New England Center for Pelvic Health

Freeport/Portland Maine is a beautiful coastal area of the Eastern US with many excellent restaurants, great shopping & unlimited attractions such as LL Bean’s, quaint lighthouses, beaches & the rocky coastline.   There are many activities & and events throughout the year.

FLIGHTS Most people fly in & out of the Portland MAINE Jetport. Boston Logan Airport is about 90-mile drive from Southern Maine with excellent bus service to this area.

LODGING A number of local hotels offer discounted stays for our surgical patients. Our website contains links to these hotels & our staff will be happy to answer your questions.

TRANSPORTATION There is not good public transportation between the airport, our office and the surgical facilities. Options for getting around include rental car, taxi service & uber.

If you're ready to get started, or if you have any questions, please call the office at (207) 200-7671 or send us a message, we'd love to hear from you.

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