Injection Therapy: Precision Pain Management

Targeted Relief for Chronic Pain and Discomfort

What is Injection Therapy?

Injection Therapy is a specialized treatment approach designed to alleviate pain and discomfort, directly at the source. Using various types of medicines, this therapy targets specific tissues, depending on the source of your pain, offering immediate and effective relief.

Types of Injections

    1. Trigger Point Injections: Designed to alleviate pain in specific muscls, these injections are effective for managing muscle spasms and “knots”.
    2. Tendon Injections: These injections target tendons or the tendon sheath to reduce inflammation and pain, particularly beneficial for conditions like tendonitis.
    3. Botox Injections: Beyond cosmetic uses, Botox injections are utilized to relieve muscle-related pain, offering relief in chronic conditions arising from sustained muscle spasm.
    4. Nerve Blocks: Ideal for pain stemming from nerves, these injections provide temporary relief by blocking pain signals from specific nerves.  Depending on how the nerve “resets”, the relief may be more prolonged.
        • Iliohypogastric/Ilioinguinal Nerve Injections: Focused on alleviating pain in the lower abdomen and groin area.
        • Pudendal Nerve Injections: Specifically aimed at relieving pain in the pelvic area.
        • Others: Depending on your pain picture and which nerve is the source, Dr. Lucas may offer local nerve block or suggest another local provider in the area to provide it.  

Advanced Technology: Ultrasound Guidance

Some of our injection therapies utilize ultrasound guidance to ensure precision location of medication delivery. This technology allows for accurate needle placement, maximizing the efficacy of the treatment and minimizing discomfort.

Benefits of Injection Therapy

    • Targeted pain relief
    • Quick and effective treatment
    • Potential confirmation of diagnosis 
    • Minimal downtime
    • Suitable for various types of pain and conditions

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