Single-Site Tubal Ligation

Minimal Invasiveness, Maximum Peace of Mind

What is Single-Site Tubal Ligation?

Single-Site Tubal Ligation is a state-of-the-art procedure for permanent birth control. It involves a single, small incision in the belly button, offering a highly effective solution with little to no cosmetic scarring.

Single Site Tubal Ligation

Benefits of Single-Site Approach

    • Same-Day Surgery: Quick, efficient procedure allowing you to return home the same day.
    • Minimal Scarring: The unique single-incision technique in the navel area ensures little to no visible scarring. “You need surgery, but you don’t need it so noticeable.”
    • Reduced Pain: Experience significantly less discomfort compared to traditional methods.
    • Minimal Bleeding: The procedure minimizes bleeding, lessening risk of infection and ensuring a smoother recovery.

The Procedure

Performed under anesthesia, Single-Site Tubal Ligation is a quick procedure involving just one small incision through which the fallopian tubes are accessed, resected, and, finally, removed from the body. This effective approach provides permanent sterilization with minimal disruption to your body and lifestyle.

Recovery and Aftercare

Recovery from Single-Site Tubal Ligation is typically swift. Most patients can resume normal activities within a few days, with complete healing occurring within a few weeks. Our team will provide comprehensive aftercare instructions and support throughout your recovery journey.

Why Choose Single-Site Tubal Ligation?

    • Ideal for those seeking a permanent birth control solution with minimal physical impact or scarring.
    • A great option for women who prefer a less invasive procedure with a discreet post-surgical appearance.
    • Suitable for individuals looking for a quick recovery and return to daily life.

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