Pelvic Pain

What is Pelvic Pain?

 Pain is always real, but almost never easy to diagnose or treat. 

The list of causes of pelvic pain is nearly endless.  For that reason, pelvic pain is best addressed by a physician who can appreciate all the structures that affect pelvic function and well being.  The physician dedicated to treating pelvic pain approaches the pelvis as an intricate machine consisting of a complex interplay of seven different systems: gynecologic, urologic, gastro-intestinal, vascular, neurologic, musculoskeletal, psychiatric/psychological. 

Often, the cause of pain can be determined with a full history and comprehensive exam.  From there, we can develop a targeted plan of care.   

For those times when we cannot determine the exact cause of the pain, we start with a list of likely diagnoses and develop a list of interventions.  The idea is to have a long term plan of which treatments to attempt and how to keep track of what works and does not. The key here is consistent communication and cooperation between doctor and patient.

After your evaluation, Dr. Lucas will develop  your “Pelvic Pain Passport”.  This plan will take into account the treatments that have and have not had effect.  Recommendations will be made to address the pain causing structures/processes. Dr. Lucas will work with you to develop a timeline for follow up and subsequent adjustments as needed. 


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